Check In At The Airport Conversation – Learn English At The Airport Part 1

In this video you will learn about English conversation at the airport. 

english at the airport
Picture 1:  English conversation 1

 Scene 1: A man walking at the airport, he come to near air stewardess. He want to ask where is the check-in desk.


Man: Excuse me? Do you know where the check-in desk for American Airlines is?

Woman: Yes, it’s back that way. Desk number 28, I think.

Man: Thank you very much.

Woman: No problem. Scene 2: A man walking to the check-in desk. After that he show passport for check in before flight.

Picture 2:  English conversation 2


Woman: Good afternoon, sir. How are you today?

Man:  I’m good, thanks.

Woman: Can I have your ticket and your passport, please?

Man: Here you go.

Woman: Thank you. Do you have any carry-on luggage?

Man: Yes, this bag.

Woman: Can you put it on the scales please?

Man: Sure.

Woman: And do you have any check-in luggage?

Man: Yes, one suitcase.

Woman: Can you put it on the scales please? Did you pack your bags yourself?

Man:Yes, I did.

Woman:Would you like a window or an aisle seat?

Man: An aisle seat please.

Woman: Here’s your passport. And this is your boarding pass. You will be boarding at gate D6 at 20:25.

Man: Thank you very much.

Woman: You are welcome. Have a great trip !

 Scene 3: In the airport,  the man ask air stewardess for an extra pillow, after that he order some drink and food.

Picture 3:  English conversation 3


Man: Excuse me. Can I get an extra pillow please?

Woman: Certainly sir.

Man: Thank you.

Woman: What would you like for your in-flight meal? We have the option of Chicken and rice or a small bread roll with butter.

Man: Chicken and rice please.

Woman: Would you like a drink?

Man:Yes, I would like a lemonade, please.

Woman:Here you are, enjoy the flight.


Please use this transcription for read and practice. I hope that after this lesson, you will know about basic English conversation at airport. 

You can see this video for more detail:

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