The Common Phone Call Conversation Examples in English

As you know, in learn English conversation, communicate well on the telephone is one of the top priorities for many students who need to use English at work. So, today I will show to you the 3 main topic we often use and facing when talking on the phone.
+ Make an appointment.
+ Answering the phone.
+ Ordering a Pizza.
Now, let’s learn each part one by one..
1. Answering the phone:
You can see this conversation in below here:

Conversation about a man calling to Mia company. And the secretary receive call.. He want to talking with Mr. Smith. However, he going out..

A: Hello. This is Mia company.
B: Hello. Is it the sales and marketing department?
A: Yes, it is. How may I help you?
B: I’d like to speak to Mr. Smith please?
A: May I ask who is calling please?
B: Yes. My name is Tom Anderson.
A: Okay, Mr. Tom. Would you mind holding a line a moment please.
B: Thank you.

Pic 1: Businessman call to the company

Conversation about the man calling and he want to speaking with Tom. But, he is wrong phone number…

A: Hello. Who’s calling, please?
B: Hello. This is Thomas speaking. is Tom in?
A: Sorry, wrong number.
B: I’m sorry.
A: No problem.

Pic 2: Answering the phone wrong number

A: Good morning, Mark Bank. New York. How can I help you ?
B: Good morning. Can I speak to the manager, please?
A: I’m afraid Mr.Johnson isn’t in his office at the moment.
A: Can I take a message?
B: Don’t worry, I will ring back later.
A: All right. Goodbye.
B: Goodbye.

Pic 3: The man call to the company.

2. Ordering a Pizza:
This English phone conversation about a young man comeback home, he is hungry. After that, he call to restaurant to order pizza..

A: Hello, Tim’s Pizza.
B: Hello, I’d like to order a pizza please.
A: Sure, let’s start with your address and phone number.
B: My address is 456 Branford, Florida and my phone number is 666-4816.
A: Ok, thank you. What would you like to order?
B: Can I have a super pepperoni pizza, large, think crust with extra mozzarella cheese?
A: Would you like any sides with that?
B: Yes, Can I please have 3 garlic breads and a bottle of lemonade?
A: Okay, will that be all?
B: Yes, that will be all.
A: Delivery time will be approximately 30 minutes.
B: Okay.
A: Please have the correct change for the driver.
B: I will, thank you.

Pic 4: The man ordering the pizza.

3. Make an appointment.
This phone conversation between 2 person, man and woman. The man want to invite the woman to his party…

A: This is Nick. Can I speak with Lisa?
B: Yes, this is Lisa speaking.
A: How are you today?
B: Oh, things are going great. What’s up?
A: There is a lunch party on Sunday. Can you come?
B: Sure! Where did you have in mind?
A: I was thinking of Jame’s in the village.
B: I love that place. Sure, let’s go there.
A: Ok. I will see you on Sunday then.
B: I’ll see you there. Look forward to it.
A: Let’s party !

You can see this video here, and  read a transcript of the following:

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